Premium bottled water

For my BFA show at SU the only bottled water I used was Arrowhead and Sparkeling Talking Rain. When I started working on Footprints of Water again one of my coworkers suggested I try some of the premium bottled water brands to see what the difference would be. Personally I've never really understood premium bottled water brands given that they all taste the same to me, but I was really interested to see if there is any difference in the look. My coworker had spceifically mentioned Fiji because he remembered the adds talking about it being the "cleanest water on earth" so i went to the grocery store and got that. While I was there I pick up Essentia and San Pelllegrino because I see both a lot as well as Icelandic Glacial because it had a really cool bottle. The results were that the bottled waters look just about like any other water from similar sources.