Candid explores our surroundings through what we leave behind. I started this project to experiment with ways of using elements from the environment to create my work rather than simply photographing them. While collecting materials I became fascinated by litter and the locations where I found it.

After collecting litter throughout the pacific northwest, I converted the cans into pinhole cameras. To fully incorporate these cans/cameras into the project, I photograph the locations where they were collected using the dry-plate tintype process. This process creates an image directly on the inside of the can itself. For the final documentation I returned again to photograph the finished pieces in their original environments.

Candid takes a ubiquitous symbol of consumption from its final resting-place on our streets, transforms it, and places it on the walls of a gallery. Through the visual documentation and mapping of the locations where I found the litter, I hope to give you the tools to explore your surroundings from a different angle and share the sense of surprise and curiosity I experienced while creating this project.

This project was supported by a 2016 GAP award from Artist Trust.

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Exhibition Record

2017 Solo Exhibition, Candid: Auburn | Bellevue, Auburn Community Center, Auburn, WA

2017 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

2017 10 Spot: Photography, Sohn Fine Art Gallery, Lenox, MA

2017 7th Annual Juried Show, Gallery 110, Seattle, WA

2016 Photo Shoot: 2016, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR

2016 Artist Trust's 30th Birthday Show, V2, Seattle, WA

2016 More than Mundane, University House Issaquah, Issaquah, WA

2016 Photography at the Emerald, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR

2016 Point of View: Contemporary Photography, Site:Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY


2016 Grant for Artist Project, Artist Trust, Seattle, WA

2016 Silver Medal, Photography at the Emerald, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR