Footprints of Water

Footprints of Water is an abstract documentary project that explores a different view of water and our interactions with it. The images are created by evaporating 1 milliliter water samples on sheets of glass. The material that forms the spots is the non-volatile contaminants that were in the water. The term “contaminants,” in this case, is not necessarily a negative term; it only means things that are not water.

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Exhibition Record

2016 Bellevue College Alumni Exhibition, Gallery Space, Bellevue College, Bellevue, WA

2013 Seattle University 2013 BFA Exhibition, Vachon Gallery, Seattle University, Seattle, WA

2013 Solo Exhibition, Footprints of Water, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA


2012 Artist Printing Fellowship, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA


2014 “Footprints of Water,” GEO 06/2014, Hamburg, Germany

2014 “Bowmore in Glass,” “Balvenie,” and “Kilchoman,” Harper’s Magazine February 2014, New York, NY

Images of evaporated whiskey commissioned by Harper’s Magazine to accompany an article.

2013 “Sitka Alaska,” Fragments 2013, Seattle University, Seattle, WA

Fragments is Seattle University’s annual publication of selected student literature and visual arts.